USB Load YZXStudio ZL1100 PD3.0 PPS QC2.0 3.0 0-3A QC MTK FCP
USB Load YZXStudio ZL1100 PD3.0 PPS QC2.0 3.0 0-3A QC MTK FCP
USB Load YZXStudio ZL1100 PD3.0 PPS QC2.0 3.0 0-3A QC MTK FCP
USB Load YZXStudio ZL1100 PD3.0 PPS QC2.0 3.0 0-3A QC MTK FCP
USB Load YZXStudio ZL1100 PD3.0 PPS QC2.0 3.0 0-3A QC MTK FCP
USB Load YZXStudio ZL1100 PD3.0 PPS QC2.0 3.0 0-3A QC MTK FCP
USB Load YZXStudio ZL1100 PD3.0 PPS QC2.0 3.0 0-3A QC MTK FCP

USB Load YZXStudio ZL1100 PD3.0 PPS QC2.0 3.0 0-3A QC MTK FCP

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Product features

  • High Accuracy: This USB load tester is program control constant current load with 0.1mA accuracy and 11 times per second data reading frequency, suitable for testing the power adapters and battery packs.
  • Support 99% Charging Protocols: Including QC2.0, QC3.0, MTKPE, Samsung AFC, Huawei FCP, Huawei SCP, VOOC, DASH, as well as BC1.2-DCP, Apple 1A/2.1A/2.4A, Samsung 2A.
  • Protocol Triger: This electronic discharging load could be set to almost any charging protocols you want. Set the protocol and click the start to imitate the real load, which can not be achieved by the normal electronic load.
  • Type C Compatible: This load tester could test the charging cable resistance and verify the real performance and quality of the cables through the Type C and Micro USB female port.
  • Serial Port Connection: Built-in CH340G USB to UART chip supports data transferring to PC and firmware updating.

Product description

High-precision programmable electronic load, new version of high-profile with Type-C PowerDelivery support, dynamic drawing of voltage and current, graphical display with load capacity and line loss compensation, almost full protocol fast charging trigger and automatic detection, charger adapter test artifact!

Now shipments are new ZY1100P, dynamic curve, PD2.0 trigger, PD3.0-PPS trigger, SCP trigger, E-Marker line test, graphical performance test, simple and complicated English three-language interface, one-button upgrade.
The latest edition supports USB to connect to the host computer for drawing and displaying.

This instrument needsThe 5V can be operated separately, and the power supply interface is next to the confirmation key.. You can use computers, chargers, mobile power supply, mobile power must choose the kind of power can always output will not automatically shut down the mobile power supply or not!No output port, just electronic load function, can not completely replace the USB table, rational purchase!The above reason does not include double return for refund.

Our mobile power USB list technology exchange group 558524420, plus group password yzxstudio.

The new ZL1100 color screen program-controlled electronic load, equivalent to our USB color watch + high-precision program-controlled electronic load + almost all fast charging protocol to take electrical appliances, test adapter charger mobile power sharp weapon! Note that the electronic load does not have an output USB port, so it can only be used as an electronic load, oh, can not measure the current of other devices.

Input voltage: 0-24V
Voltage resolution: 0.0002V
Input current: 0-3A
Current resolution: 0.0001A
Accuracy: better than 0.2%

Support fast charging protocol: QC2.0, QC3.0, PD2.0, PD3.0, MTKPE, Samsung AFC, HUAWEI FCP, HUAWEI SCP.
Support slow charging protocol: BC1.2-DCP, apple 0.5A, 1A, 2.1A, 2.4A, Samsung 2A.
Supply voltage: 4.5-5.5V, max200mA, independent power supply

Product features:
With 0.1mA resolution, high precision program controlled constant current electronic load, it can be used for measuring adapter and measuring battery capacity.
One second, 11 readings, high refresh rate.
0.5 seconds to set the current steadily and respond quickly.
Super thick CPU radiator has good heat dissipation performance.
With almost all fast charge protocol handshake programs, fast charge compatibility can be detected.
Color display high-precision voltage and current capacity display.
Direct board USB serial port, support for computer communication and brush machine.
Stepless changing current accurately scan the adapter's maximum current and power.
TypeC+Micro line resistance function.
PCB frame shell with heat dissipation and anti bump elements.
High end FRAM ferroelectric memory, lifetime brush not bad memory.
MOLEX/TYCO imports USB test plugs, internal resistance and durability and price per second homemade gold-plated street.
Imported ALPS silicone buttons, feel first-rate.
Simplified traditional English multi language display, convenient for friends around the world to use.

Instructions:PDF version of the instructions to download here:
Apple 87W original charger and original 5A2 meter E-Marker line:
Easy identificationOriginal line and original head

USB Electronic Discharging Load for Testing Performance of Adapter, Cable and Battery Packs

Input Voltage Range: 0-24V
Voltage Resolution: 0.0002V
Input Current Range: 0-3A
Current Resolution: 0.0001A
Deviation: <0.2%
Quick Charge Protocol Supported:QC2.0, QC3.0, MTKPE, Samsung AFC, Huawei FCP, Huawei SCP, VOOC, DASH
Normal Charge Protocol:BC1.2-DCP, Apple 1A/2.1A/2.4A, Samsung 2A
Power Supply Needed: 4.5-5.5V, 500mA
Display: TFT LCD Screen.
With Heat Disspation Fan: Yes
Heat Sinks Material: Alloy similar to the ones used to PC CPU heat sinks.
Housing: PCB material
Memory Type: FRAM memory with 10 billion time rewrite capability.
USB Plug: MOLEX USB plug
Buttons: ALPS silicon button.
Fast setting current within 0.5 second.
Stepless change current scanning to accurately detect the max current and power of the adapter.


YZXStudio ZL1100 Firmware ( Aug.  28th Updated)

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