YZXstudio ZY1270 USB Multimeter
YZXstudio ZY1270 USB Multimeter
YZXstudio ZY1270 USB Multimeter
YZXstudio ZY1270 USB Multimeter
YZXstudio ZY1270 USB Multimeter
YZXstudio ZY1270 USB Multimeter
YZXstudio ZY1270 USB Multimeter
YZXstudio ZY1270 USB Multimeter

YZXstudio ZY1270 USB Multimeter

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  • Physical Features: 2 USB port(USB 2.0), 1 Micro USB Port, 1.44 inch full color screen.
  • Electronical Features: 3.5-24V @0.1mV(0.1%+- 2d), 0-5A@ 0.1mA(0.1%+- 2d). Standby Current 2.5mA
  • Protocol Detection: D+/D- ,QC2.0, QC3.0, Huawei, Samsung, Apple. Almost 99% the mainstream protocol.
  • Other Features: Cable resistance test. Curve drawing. Serial port sync for data output.
  • Worry Free Warranty and Technical Support.
  • Specifications:Input voltage: DC 3.5V-24V
    Input current: +- 3A
    Voltage resolution: 0.0001V (0.1mV)
    Current resolution: 0.0001A
    Cumulative capacity: 0-99999Ah; 0-99999Wh
    Capacity resolution: 0.0001Ah; 0.0001Wh
    Accuracy: Voltage 0.1%+2d; Current 0.2%+2d; Ah capacity 0.5%; Wh capacity 0.5%
    Display: 1.3″ 128×104 pixel Colour TFT
    Update rate: Every 0.36s
    Idle current consumption: ~8mA / 6mA (with display dimmed / off)
    Current shunt resistance: 10mOhm
    Overall circuit resistive loss: ~42mOhm (including contact resistance on USB connectors)
    Memory: FRAM, good for 10 billion write cycles
    Memory operation mode: write on every update in cumulative capacity + load balancing technique

    This is the latest addition to the extremely popular YZXstudio series of USB Power Monitors. This model features a large 1.3″ 128×104 pixel colour TFT display for exceptional readability. It combines all the functions the ZY1266 LCD and ZY1230 OLED versions have to offer, namely 18-bit voltage resolution (up to 4 decimal places), up to 24V voltage range, Micro-USB input port, as well as a dual USB 2.0 output ports, one of which allows fast charging for Apple and Samsung devices without needing the original chargers. The Micro-USB input port allows you to connect the power monitor using a common Type-A USB to Micro-USB cable to your power source, making it more convenient to use in some situations. It is also capable of giving you a direct reading of your input cable’s internal resistance (requires a constant current DC load).

    This device is also Qualcomm QuickCharge (QC) 3.0 compatible. Please see the comparison chart in one of the attached images to find out the differences between all the different versions of these YZXstudio USB Power Monitors.


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    Just like the other versions, this device allows remote data logging by connecting a UART USB/Serial adapter, or a Bluetooth module. Like the ZY1265 and ZY1266, this model also has PCB footprints for the necessary components (a Bluetooth module, a P-Channel MOSFET, and a 3-pin spring loaded connector). Please choose whether you want the device to come with these Bluetooth enabling components or not when you make the purchase. If you choose to get one without these Bluetooth enabling components, you can still add them yourself in the future. Users will need to use their own serial communication software for the actual logging and data analysis though. The USB Power Monitor simply sends the raw data.

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    ZY1270 Serial Port Upload Manual

    Download ZY1270 Serial Port Upload

  • YZXStudio ZY127X Firmware ( Aug.  15th Updated)

    Firmware Version 3.3-170815              Download Now

    (including FW for ZY1270, ZY1271, ZY1273, ZY1275, ZY1276)

    There are TWO FWs for ZY1270 and ZY1271. Please try both to find the most suitable.