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Welcome to buy in YZXStudioShop,yzxstudio.com is our one and only official Website.We Provide Premium USB meters, Test & Measuring Module, Fast Charging Dragon USB Current And Voltage Capacity Detector Tester.

Story Of  YZXStudio

It has been 8 years since I founded YZXstudio,YZX is abbreviation of my name.

As a Digital 3C geek,I often contact with devices that need to be charged. At this time, detecting the charging efficiency of products and make the charging curve, which has become a daily necessity.

USB dashboards or USB meters on the market are chaotic, many of them are full of bugs and poor compatibility, I prefer to call them toys rather than sophisticated test instruments.

At this time, I decided to make a perfect USB dashboard, so YZXstudio was born.

8 years, We focus on original USB tester, now YZXstudio has become top runner of USB meters Industry. Our products are exported to overseas markets.

Cheap copy and knock-off  are countless! but YZXstudio stand still .One time to avoid second -time investment! Real professional USB meter tools rather than toys! True instrument level accuracy

More accurate, more professional, more powerful.that's what I can say for sure for our products.You can count on YZXstudio.

If you are wholesalers or importers, or want to be one of our global distributors, please do not hesitate to contact us for further cooperation.