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Usage method:
STM32 version brush the 4-contact wiring method of our equipment: start from the obvious grounding foot (generally square)
GND: connected to target board GND
Swclk: corresponds to the TCK or swclk interface of STM32
Swdio: TMS or swdio interface corresponding to STM32
Swim: the swim interface corresponding to stm8
Rst: reset interface corresponding to stm8
3.3V: corresponding to 3.3V interface of development board
Wiring method of microusb brush: stlink is inserted at the other end of DuPont cable, green swclk, white swdio, black GND and red are suspended. After the mobile power is turned on, plug in the brush cable at the end of microusb.
matters needing attention:
Check the power supply and polarity. Most of them are 3.3V. If 5V is wrongly connected, it may be burned
If you used to use V1 to replace V2, you need to install the driver again, and you may need to update the software
St-link V2 compatible software version:
St-link utility 2.0 and above
IAR EWARM v6.20 and above
Stvd 4.2.1 and above
IAR ewstm8 v1.3 and above
STVP 3.2.3 and above
Keil RVMDK v4.21 and above
Vista, win7 and win8 users, please install drivers and applications in administrator mode. If there is a driver signature problem, please trust the driver of St link v2
After installation, the device “STMicroelectronics stlink dongle” will appear in the device manager
Although the programmer has 3.3V output, the target board shall be powered independently as far as possible to avoid burning failure or failure to connect due to insufficient current!

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Download and install the driver first:


Matters needing attention:
0: do not supply power to the brushed equipment unless otherwise specified. If power supply is required, it must also be supplied by an independent mobile power supply, so as to avoid poor computer grounding or large leakage of charger power supply and breakdown of equipment! After independent power supply, you can no longer connect the 3.3V of the brush line to prevent dual power supply from burning the brush line or the brushed equipment!
1: To brush the USB meter, please set the system first, confirm that the serial port upload is set to 0, turn off the serial port upload function, and set the backlight brightness of the old black-and-white LCD USB meter to the lowest. For the USB meter with Bluetooth or serial port, it is recommended to temporarily remove the Bluetooth serial port module to avoid affecting the brush.
2: There are two ways to brush USB meter: 1. Connect the brush wire 3.3V, connect the brush wire to the meter, plug the brush wire into the computer, and finally run the brush program; 2. If the brush line is not connected to 3.3V and the USB meter is powered by mobile power supply (independent mobile power supply is required), the sequence of inserting the brush line into the computer and the meter will not be affected.
3: Brush terminator 8 it is recommended to use the charging port for mobile power supply without removing the machine brush. If you want to use the brush wire brush, do not connect the brush wire 3.3V, and brush again after the mobile power supply is turned on. The wiring sequence is arbitrary.
4: Brush Iron Man 7 magnetic compass mobile power supply with air pressure height method: do not connect the brush line 3.3V, connect stlink and mobile power supply, press the mobile power on button, and the success rate of clicking the brush is high when the logo is displayed.
5: The zl1100 dummy load can be brushed by other methods. If you want to brush with the brush wire, you must use the mobile power supply to supply power to the dummy load, and the brush wire is not connected to 3.3V.

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