YZXstudio -USB fast charging protocol tester voltmeter ammeter capacity qc4 + pd3.0powerz test yzxstudio


!! Safety warning!!

This type of tester has multiple input and output ports. Except for the online port, all other interfaces are connected in parallel. Only one input and one output are allowed to be connected at the same time. Some models of testers support triggering high-voltage fast charging. After triggering high-voltage, there will be high voltage at both input and output ports. Do not connect any equipment with insufficient withstand voltage. Please confirm that the displayed voltage is correct and then connect the equipment, This store is not responsible for the problems caused by this, including but not limited to burning mobile phones, equipment and adapters!

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Table comparison of various models:

Zy1280: USB2.0 interface, including all functions of 1276. Newly added USB upgrade, connected to the upper computer, with large screen and multiple functions.

Zy1276: USB2.0 interface, with almost full-function fast charge trigger detection function, higher current resolution and measurable type-C PD adapter.

Zy1275: Super current Huawei 8A plug and socket, with a total internal resistance of only 15 milliohm, with almost full-function fast charge trigger detection function, and can measure type-C PD adapter.

Zy1273: USB3.0 interface. It is necessary to test USB3.0 equipment. It supports vooc and dash fast charging. It has a typec interface and can measure the line resistance from USB to type-c.

Zy1272: USB2.0 interface, no other measuring line interface, with safety monitoring function, overvoltage, overcurrent, undervoltage and stop charging after filling.

Zy1271: USB2.0 high current interface, with 2 typec interfaces and microusb interfaces, can measure bidirectional PD voltage and current, Huawei 5v5a and large screen.

Zy1270: USB2.0 high current interface, dual USB output ports, with microusb interface, acceleration charging function, Huawei 5v5a, large screen.

Zy1266: a cost-effective black-and-white USB meter with the same accuracy as 127x series.

Zy1265: a black-and-white screen USB meter with higher cost performance than zy1266. The current accuracy is the same and the voltage accuracy is one bit lower.

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